Sunday, April 20, 2014

semakin meningkat umur aku, aku sedar banyak ujian dan dugaan datang menerjah aku.

tak kira kecil, atau sebesar mana ujian tu aku kena kuat.

sometimes, i feel like i'm alone even i'm surrounded with many people. alone fighting with all this crazy things evolved around me.

orang nampak aku macam takde pape, but deep inside i'm fighting with my own desire, my own strength.
i smile, i laugh. but sometimes, tears are always keep accompany me.

and i miss mama very much. very much till i want to die.
people keep saying, be strong, be patience. bukan nak kata tak appreciate. thanks for all that support.
but till you are not in my shoes, you totally have no idea what i'm going thru. what i think everyday.

semoga Allah memberi aku kekuatan dan tingkatkan iman. amin.

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