Monday, January 6, 2014


lately, many unexpected things happened to me. can be considered as good, bad. even me myself can't interpret those things. just accept with my open heart. 

recently got a call from many companies for internship, just after i confirmed with that company in Shah Alam. just why?  

i waited so long for MPOB, but i have to reject within a few minutes. 

and i think this is one of His tests for me. i know Allah loves me. that's why He gives me all these kinds of tests. and the best way to feel at ease is to rely on Him. keep praying and stay calm whatever condition you are facing rite now. i know Allah is always by my side.  

* you know it is wrong but still you don't want to accept the truth *

those word keep reminiscing me with someone. as i want to learn from mistakes. but my cold-stone heart doesn't want to hear that. try be strong as i could. try to ignore those feelings. i'm sorry for being like that. i'm sorry for disturbing you. i'm sorry because i am always thinking about you. yes i am. even you don't even know. 

who are you? i don't know either. hahaha. 

*asyik fikir pasal jodoh, apa kata kita fikir pasal kematian pula*

hope those words can settle down my feeling towards you. 

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